Rituraj Singh

I was a PhD student at INRIA, IRISA research center at Rennes, France. My thesis is entiled as Data Centric Workflows for Crowdsourcing Applications, co-advised by Dr. Loic Helouet and Dr. Zoltan Mikols. I was a member of DRUID and SUMO team.

My PhD research focus was on developing algorithms for crowdsourcing applications, to propose formal model for complex workflows for crowdsourcing and developing human-in-loop algorithms by applying probabilistic based techniques and latent variable models. I am also passionate about applying machine learning methods in other doamains as healthcare, natural language processing, etc. Previously, I did some work in anamoly detection on sensor data and on detection of diseases based on data obtained using wearables. My area of interest are Data Centric Systems and Workflows, Machine Learning, Crowdsourcing, Probabilistic Modelling of Systems and Data Mining.

Before I joined my PhD, I was working as a Researcher at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Research & Innovation Lab, Kolkata, India. I worked on various data analytics problems, particularly related to healthcare and signals and applied machine learning techniques. I graduated from the Computer Science department of IIT Patna in June, 2015. During my masters, I wrote my master thesis under supervision of Dr. Ashok Singh Sairam entitled "Push based User Selection in Crowdsensing".

I am open to new opportunity, project and collaborations. Please feel free to contact me.


Oct 31, 2021

I am delighted to share the news that my thesis Data Centric Workflows for Crowdsourcing Applications is awarded best thesis prize at BDA2021

Jun 12, 2021

New paper: Rituraj Singh, Loic Helouet, Zoltan Miklos. Reducing the Cost of Aggregation in Crowdsourcing. Transactions on Large-Scale Data and Knowledge-Centered Systems

May 7, 2021

I defended my PhD thesis entitled “Data Centric Workflows for Crowdsourcing Applications”. I am forever indebted to my supervisors Loic Helouet and Zoltan Miklos for their kind support.

Feb 3, 2021

I am giving practical classes (TP, in french curriculum) of Deep Learning course using tensorflow and keras.